Trump Calls For Infrastructure Buildup In Speech To Builders Unions

President Donald Trump said in a speech Tuesday that the U.S.needs to embark on a massive infrastructure project in order to“achieve true progress.”

Trump was speaking in front of the North America’s BuildingTrades Unions’ national legislative conference, where he repeatedhis campaign pitch to rebuild America.

“We must remember our legacy. We’re the nationthat built the tallest skyscraperson what was once the Hudson River,and put the neon lights of LasVegas in the desert,” Trump said.“If we continue to punishour builders we will not bethat nation any longer. I’m callingon everyone to come together in thegreat rebuilding of ourcountry.”

The president said he is asking lawmakers topass a trillion dollar infrastructure bill that would rebuild“our country’s bridges,airports, seaports, and watersystems.” Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has saidrepeatedly that he is willing to work with Trump on infrastructurelegislation. 

“Standing before me today inthis very hall are the men andwomen who if given the chancecan transform these communities.You are the citizens whocan rebuild our cities, reviveour industries, and renewour belovedcountry. and I know you will stopat nothing to get the job done,”Trump said.

The president cited the Empire StateBuilding as an example of a monument which thousands worked tobuild.

“When we rise above thecynics and critics who live onlyto defend the status quo andto defend themselves fromfailure, then we too will constructa lasting monument tonational greatness.In this future ournation’s workers and craftsmen willlook way out at the vastopen landscape and they willbuild new bridges and new schoolsand new landmarks and theywill proudly raise up for all tosee a bright and beautifulAmerican flag,” Trumpadded.