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Krauthammer on Obama immigration actions: 'This is an extremely important case'

Krauthammer said the specifics of this case matter less than the precedent President Obama is setting for future presidents.


Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer said Monday on “Special Report with Bret Baier” that the arguments the Supreme Court heard on Obama's executive actions blocking deportations of illegal immigrants are “extremely important” but the specifics of this case matter less than the precedent Obama is setting for future presidents. 

“The policy here is irrelevant. It is about the encroachment of the president on powers that aren’t his,” Krauthammer said. “As it was said by the attorney who is bringing the case, Ken Paxton of Texas, the president himself has admitted over and over again that this is outside his powers.”

Although Krauthammer believes the Supreme Court will be split on this matter, he says continued presidential overreach may limit congress’ rightful powers down the road.

“We could have a case where you could have a Republican president who believes in abolishing the capital gains tax, congress says no, and he then prioritizes IRS collections and says don't collect the capital gains tax, doing exactly what Obama is doing,” Krauthammer said, concluding, “It'll mean that the Congress has no role.”