ISIS taunts America in new video: 'Bring it on'

A new video by the Islamic State taunts America, urging the U.S. to "bring it on."

In the new propaganda video, which is roughly four minutes long, the terror group tells the U.S. to "bring it on," before adding, "your numbers only increase us in faith."

The video takes a jab at the U.S. military, highlighting that 6,500 soldiers commit suicide every year, before the voiceover claims its territory is bigger than the United Kingdom. It also slams President Bill Clinton as a "fornicator."

"Our prophet said [they] would reach 80 in number and then the flames of war will finally burn you on the hills of death," the voice says. "Gather your allies. Plot against us and show us no respite. Our ally is the greatest. He is Allah and all glory goes to him."

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