Rubio: Obama's problem isn't inexperience, it's bad ideas

Marco Rubio argued Tuesday that the problem with Barack Obama's presidency is his ideas, not his experience as a one-term senator.

In an interview with Fox News, Rubio pushed back against the need for more experience than that, as a one-term senator himself, saying that ideas are the real drivers of a successful administration. He added that Obama has been a "very successful president" from the liberal point of view.The 2016 hopeful pointed to Obamacare and the Iran deal among other accomplishments that went over well with Democrats, even though they rankled Republicans.

"If you were a liberal, you'd say President Obama's been a very successful president from a liberal perspective," Rubio told host Jenna Lee. "I mean, he got Dodd-Frank, he got the stimulus, he got Obamacare, he's gotten two unconstitutional executive orders, he got the deal with Iran."

"The problem with Barack Obama is not that he was a first-term senator. The problem with Barack Obama is that his ideas don't work," Rubio continued. "Barack Obama now has seven years of presidential experience — more than anyone running for president, and he's still a failure. He's still making mistakes. So it's not the experience after seven years of presidential experience. It's that his principles and his ideas do not work."

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