Veterans group slams Trump's 'unserious' plan to reform the VA

A group that advocates for veterans and their families slammed Donald Trump's proposed reforms to the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Concerned Veterans for America, which also pushes for national security policy reforms, described Trump's plan as underwhelming and unserious.

"Just like the current VA Secretary, Robert McDonald, Trump uses many of the right buzzwords around VA reform, but his actual plan largely doubles down on the failed VA healthcare system," said Pete Hegseth, CVA CEO, in a statement. "It's unfortunate that Donald Trump would release this unserious plan after spending months talking about the VA, even stooping to the level of attacking VA reform leaders like Sen. John McCain — a man who has consistently taken the lead in reforming and fixing the VA."

Hegseth also noted that Trump's plan to offer healthcare choices to veterans "might actually not offer veterans a lot of healthcare choices in the private sector."

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