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Dems to Obama: See ya!

Sen. Johnson, Rep. Cotton react to Bill Clinton's call for ObamaCare


Politicians, operatives, White House officials, members of Congress—along with some snark artists—are debating, attacking, defending and kibitzing around the clock on Twitter. It’s a nonstop forum that is helping shape the political conversation.  In this daily feature, @laurenashburn picks some of the best – and worst – political tweets you may have missed.

What do Mary Landrieu, Dianne Feinstein, Kay Hagan, Kurt Schrader, and Steny Hoyer have in common? They’re Democrats, and now they want to change ObamaCare. 

Landrieu’s recently crafted Senate bill allowing individuals to keep the health insurance plans they lost under ObamaCare is just the beginning of trouble for the White House. Rep. Schrader went so far as to tell the Weekly Standard, "I think the president was grossly misleading to the American public."

Throw Bill Clinton into the mix, saying Obama needs to “honor the commitment” he made to the American people about keeping their plans, and you have West Wingers pulling all-nighters from now until the president sees fit to change his mind about the individual mandate and the millions who lost their coverage

Kevin Madden, former Mitt Romney spokesman, and self-described “passionate conservative Republican,” calls it as he sees it – a herd of buffalo charging down Pennsylvania Avenue.

How long before more Democrats up in 2014 join the charge?


On that note, Fox News Analyst Brit Hume, who has been around this political rodeo a time or two as Chief White House correspondent and Fox’s former Managing Editor, has a bit of sage advice for the Republican party:


You know I’ve been hooked on the crack smokin’ Toronto mayor coverage ever since Rob Ford said it happened during one of his drunken stupors. He stonewalled for six months, saying there was no video of him hitting the pipe, as journalists had charged. There was. Another video of Ford in his stocking feet, threatening to kill someone, surfaced, and the guy is more popular than ever in some circles.

Toronto Sun reporter, Don Peat, drew the short straw and spent the day watching him sign these:

And when those were gone, he signed ”Ford Country” t-shirts. What a life.


Showtime’s hot hit drama “Homeland” -- about a Marine sergeant held captive by Al-Qaeda (Damian Lewis) and a DC- based bipolar CIA officer (Claire Danes) -- has swept the country. I mean, it’s B.O.’s fave, after all.

In Season Three, award-winning actor Tracy Letts plays a senator gunning for the CIA acting director’s job by using Machiavellian maneuvers.  Far-fetched, I know.

Critics and fans love the series for being timely, well-written, and politically thought-provoking.  And according to one powerful Beltway player, true to life.

 Jerks in Washington? Well, I never…


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