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Gov. Fallin: ObamaCare website woes could hurt hundreds of high-risk patients in Oklahoma

300,000 Oklahomans are in a race against time - and glitches - under the Affordable Care Act


Oklahoma Republican Gov. Mary Fallin told Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren Monday she is concerned about how the problems plaguing the ObamaCare website will impact hundreds of high-risk patients in her state, saying “something needs to be done.”

“We have over 850 Oklahomans that are in that risk pool that are at risk of losing their insurance and they’re the ones who need the health insurance coverage the worst because they’re the sickest,” Fallin said on “On the Record.”

Fallin said many of these patients may lose their insurance on Dec. 31 because they are unable to access the ObamaCare exchanges, and urged the Obama administration and Congress to come up with a solution before it is too late.

“It is the people who don’t need to be squeezed because they’re already ill and needing health care coverage right now and it’s just a very unfortunate circumstance.” Fallin said. “So, my hope is that Congress and the administration will do something about this. Time’s running out.”