What’s wrong? It’s been a week, and ObamaCare website still not working

It's been a full week since the Affordable Care Act went into effect, yet New Mexico Watchdog --  like millions of Americans and doubtless thousands in New Mexico -- is still unable to create an account on

Tuesday morning, for the third time since the rollout began Oct. 1, N.M. Watchdog failed to get beyond answering security questions on the website, much less learn details of what kind of health-care plans are offered and make price comparisons. 

Click here and here to read stories about previous unsuccessful efforts from last week. 

One percent of applications, according to some reports, have so far passed from  to insurers because they contained enough accurate information to proceed with enrollment. Asked Sunday how many Americans have signed up, Treasury Secretary Jack Lew refused to disclose a number. 

Over the weekend, the Obama administration said it was shutting down the site to fix the glitches that popped up across the country. 

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