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Unfinished business: Women’s initiative pushes for equal workplace rights

James Rosen talks to Neera Tanden about the state of the American family, developments in Syrian and a major new progressive initiative


The Center for American Progress has teamed up with House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi and White House adviser Valerie Jarrett to launch a new women’s initiative.

The initiative, called “Fair Shot: A Plan for Women and Families to Get Ahead,” focuses on pushing policies and conducting research that will ensure women have the right opportunities to reach their full potential.

“We’re announcing a new effort to really galvanize women … around a women’s agenda that focuses on issues like paid leave, equal pay for women, reproductive health,” explained Neera Tanden, President and CEO for the Center for American Progress. “It’s a broad agenda that really speaks to, in many ways, how women [have] plateaued over the last decade and our focus is on ensuring that women and families have a fair shot.”

Tanden told Fox News’ James Rosen on FoxNews.com Live that while research suggests women are performing at a level equivalent to their male counterparts in terms of graduation rates and hiring, there is still a gap in leadership roles.

“If you look at the number of equity partnerships for men and women, men – white men- are now at 85 percent. Fewer than 15 percent are women of equity partnerships. If you look at CEOs, we’re talking less than 5 to 6 percent,” said Tanden. “We start off at the starting gate relatively equal in terms of life careers, but where we really plateau … is on that issue of leadership.”

Tanden says the “Fair Shot” initiative will conduct research to try to get at the root cause of what’s causing the leadership lag.

“Is it because we don’t have enough support for families, that women often come out of the workforce for a few years and that’s where you see the leadership lag?” said Tanden. “I think that’s the kind of question we’re trying to get to the bottom of.”

The initiative launches Wednesday and will continue over the next several months. The Center for American Progress is a non-partisan multidisciplinary think tank.

Watch James Rosen's full interview with Neera Tanden on "The Fox Hole" in the video above.