Florida GOP Debate: Immigration Proposals Anger Protesters

Outside the Republican debate, there were hundreds of people and no shortage of passion when it comes to the issues.

One issue many said they were concerned about was immigration. They were protesting against the Republican candidates and their proposals, and for some, it's a highly personal topic.

"I was put into detention. I felt like I was being treated like an animal just because I didn't have a piece of paper that said I was born in this country or that I went through the right process," said 22-year-old protester David Zambrano. He came to USF from Orlando along with busloads of others.

"We have been hearing all of the anti-immigration rhetoric that has been coming out. We're watching. We're listening. The Latino vote, the immigrant vote is very big, especially in Florida," says protester Evelyn Rivera.

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There's a bit of sarcasm too: Three young women donned wigs and glasses to voice their opinion of Newt Gingrich and his personal life.

"We're Students For Newt because we love to follow his examples of words, not actions, because his actions are not important. Don't worry about those," one of the women said.

But the biggest and perhaps the most vocal people in the crowd weren't protesters at all. Instead, they were supporters of GOP candidate Ron Paul. Hundreds lined the street chanting, waving signs.

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And even sparring with Santorum and Romney supporters.

You could see plenty of law enforcement officers too. Tampa Police, Temple Terrace Police and Campus Police patrolled in and around the Marshall Center, making sure things stayed under control.

"If people want to come out and demonstrate, that's great. Just do it responsibly, in an adult fashion, and we won't have any problems. If somebody chooses to conduct their freedom of speech irresponsibly, well, we're prepared to deal with that too," says Lt. Chris Daniel, with USF Campus Police.

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