Rielle Hunter Reveals Details of First Tryst With Edwards in Tell-All Interview

  • Rielle Hunter (Courtesy of GQ)

    Rielle Hunter (Courtesy of GQ)

  • Rielle Hunter (Courtesy of GQ)

    Rielle Hunter (Courtesy of GQ)

John Edwards' mistress has revealed for the first time how the illicit lovers fell in lust and slept together the night they met -- and claims the presidential candidate predicted the wild romp would cause his premature ejection from politics. 

"Falling in love with you could really f- - - up my plans for becoming president," Edwards told vixen videographer Rielle Hunter after their sexual tryst at Manhattan's Regency hotel in February 2006. 

In her bombshell interview with GQ, Hunter says: 

* Her first words to him were "You're so hot" -- and they had sex later that night in his hotel room. 

* The then-presidential candidate hoped Hunter, pregnant with his child, would get an abortion. 

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Contrary to various accounts of their affair, Hunter, 45, told the magazine she met the former North Carolina senator on the corner of 61st Street and Park Avenue in New York City in February 2006, and did not pick him up at a bar. 

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