Report: Clinton Keeps Campaign Staff Despite Dismissing Talk of Second Bid

Though Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says she has no interest in another presidential run, she still maintains a substantial off-season campaign apparatus. 

The New York Daily News reports that the runner-up in last year's Democratic presidential primary still has an eight-person political staff and two bulging campaign accounts. 

Clinton reportedly paid the staffers close to $100,000 in the last quarter, but an aide told the Daily News that the staff will reduce in size over time as it winds down the campaign shop. 

Her team, though, has succeeded in turning Clinton's daunting campaign debt into a $3 million surplus, counting both her Senate and presidential accounts. 

Yet Clinton has repeatedly said she's out of campaign mode, most likely for good. 

"Well, you know, I say no, never, you know, not at all. I don't know what, what else to say," Clinton told NBC's "Meet the Press" Sunday, when asked about the possibility of another run. 

Asked a week ago about her future plans, she also told FOX News she has "no interest or inclination" to run again and said President Obama will be "re-elected overwhelmingly" in 2012. 

"I have tried to be very clear that I do not see such a future for myself. And that is, you know, the fact," she told FOX News. "I'm very occupied with the job that I have now ... So it just seems it's not on my radar screen. I mean, when I was asked the other day, it seemed like -- of another life. It just didn't have any direct relevance to what I'm doing today."  

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