Question #5: How does President feel about state sovereignty?

President Obama does not want states being bullied, but those states that are oppressing people, you have to decide when to intervene.

There's no clean formula.

In general, its important for the soverignty to be respected.

There are going to be exceptional circumstances - when things become a moral imperative, like in Rwanda where genocide has occurred.

Gordon Brown told a powerful story about Rwanda in the last session. He went to a museum that showed the history of the tragedy and saw a photo of a 12 year old boy who had aspirations and right before he was killed he turned to his mom and said Don't worry the UN is going to come save us and that voice has to be heard in international relations.

There has to be a strong international outrage at what's taking place. Some in the int'l cmty believe state soveriegnty is sacrosanct and you never intervene in internal affairs.

Rather than focus on hypotheticals, put diplomatic pressure on those nations not acting in accordance with universal values toward their citizens