Obama to Host Seder at White House

President Obama is hosting a Passover seder at the White House on Thursday for friends and family, the second day of the eight-day Jewish holiday commemorating the end of the Jews' enslavement in Egypt.

A White House official told FOX News that Obama participated in a Passover seder with staff and a few friends last year while on the campaign trail in Pennsylvania, and enjoyed it so much he played off the traditional refrain at the end of the seder, yelling out "Next Year in the White House." 

The aide said that the seder was a "welcome moment of reflection and rest" from the rigorous campaign and is now set as a time for the president's staff to regroup.

"This year's seder is meant not only to celebrate the holiday, but also to reflect on all that has happened in our lives since last year's seder in Harrisburg," the aide said. "This is apparently the first time a president has participated in a seder at the White House."

President Clinton's staff held seders during the holiday but the president did not attend.