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K.T. McFarland

Kathleen Troia 'KT' McFarland

Kathleen Troia "KT" McFarland is FOX News' national security analyst and a FOX News contributor since 2010. She appears regularly on all the FOX and FOX Business News shows. Ms. McFarland anchors's "DEFCON3," writes a regular column for the FOX Opinion page and is also the weekly national security commentator for several national radio shows.

Ms. McFarland held national security posts in the Nixon, Ford and Reagan administrations: as an aide to Dr. Henry Kissinger, senior speechwriter to Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger and later a principal deputy assistant secretary of defense Pentagon spokesman. She wrote the Weinberger Principles of War which laid out the Reagan administration's policy regarding use of force: in essence, only go to war if it is in America's vital national interest, and then only to win. Ms. McFarland received the Defense Department's highest civilian award for her work in the Reagan Administration. She ran as a Republican candidate for the US Senate from New York.

Ms. McFarland studied at George Washington University, Oxford and MIT, with concentrations on nuclear weapons, China and the Soviet Union.  

Latest Stories by Kathleen Troia 'KT' McFarland

  • Feb 13, 2016

    Homage to a magical evening with Justice Scalia

    Two years ago my neighbor called to invite my husband and me to a small dinner he was giving in honor of his hunting buddy and houseguest, Justice Scalia. My neighbor, a crusty old bachelor, wasn’t used to giving dinner parties, so he asked me for advice. Over a succession of phone calls he asked: Could I arrange for someone to cook and serve? Could he borrow some dinner plates and silverware? What did I suggest he have for dinner? He was also having a young Julliard pianist to play after dinner, but his old upright piano was out of tune, did I know anyone who could tune it?

  • Nov 17, 2015

    A ten point plan to defeat ISIS

    While Paris was still reeling under a state of emergency, President Obama took to the stage at the G-20 conference in Turkey to declare his policy to defeat ISIS a success.

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