SEAN HANNITY: CNN, CBS go all-in for Anderson Cooper's sleazy interview with Stormy

The left-wing, mainstream media's contempt for President Trump has now reached a boiling point of unhinged insanity, and it was brought on by a porn star’s claim she and the commander-in-chief had consensual sex a dozen years ago.

Leading the charge is fake news CNN, where for days, they have been completely and utterly obsessed with porn star Stormy Daniels and her salacious claims to the network’s Anderson Cooper while on his side job as a correspondent for CBS’ “60 Minutes.”

“Stormy Daniel is causing stormy weather,” quipped April Ryan. See what she did there?

“Porn star Stormy Daniels claims President Trump broke the law, had her bullied,” Jake Tapper added.

“Does Stormy Daniels have the president's number?” Don Lemon wondered. “It sure seems that way.”

But despite all the build-up and all the unverified, over-the-top claims made by Daniels’ lawyer, Cooper's interview not only fell flat, it came off as creepy. And the interview footage that didn't make air was worse. It was posted online, and is tabloid trash.

“Physically, you've seen him in ways that other people haven't,” Cooper said at one point.

“Correct and if need be, I can describe that,” Daniels replied.

“His private parts,” Cooper noted.

This was “60 Minutes.” You know, Ed Bradley, Morley Safer, Mike Wallace? Right, that “60 Minutes.”

Despite claims from Daniels’ lawyer that his client was ready to disclose a mountain of evidence about Trump's misconduct, the only potentially newsworthy moment from the interview was her claim that she was threatened by an unidentified man following her alleged tryst with Trump.

Even that claim wasn't backed up with any evidence. All we got were the embarrassing details of an alleged one-night stand from over 12 years ago.

Even some in the mainstream media expressed their utter disappointment about Cooper's overhyped interview.

“So I think people thought there was going to be like a smoking gun here,” said ABC’s Whoopi Goldberg, on “The View.” “Did we miss something?”

“As a young lawyer, I remember being told never over-promise,” said MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough. “Under promise, over deliver, and the jury will look positively on you.”

For days, I have been questioning if CNN chief Jeff Zucker has turned into the porn king of cable news. After his lewd and cringe-worthy interview with Stormy Daniels and another, earlier interview with ex-Playboy playmate Karen McDougal, who also alleged a consensual relationship, it looks like Anderson Cooper is CNN's version of Jerry Springer.

The liberal media sure has come a long way since those days 20 years ago when accusations President Clinton groped, exposed himself to and even raped women were deemed not newsworthy. There were some key distinctions, of course. None of those women were porn stars. None of the behavior they described was consensual. None sought to cash in with appearances at strip clubs around the country.

Oh, and President Clinton was a Democrat.

Adapted from Sean Hannity's monologue on "Hannity," March 26, 2018

Sean Hannity currently serves as host of FOX News Channel’s (FNC) Hannity (weekdays 9-10PM/ET). He joined the network in 1996 and is based in New York. Click here for more information on Sean Hannity