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Gretchen's Take: Penn. has one of weirdest primary systems

The system seems unfair to voters


If you think the delegate process is tough to figure out, wait until the Pennsylvania primary. Pennsylvania has one of the weirdest primary systems in the country. Primary GOP voters directly elect their delegates, 54 of the 67 total, and they’re not officially tied to any candidate.

Here’s what the ballot looks like. The delegates running, seen on the right hand side don’t tell the voter which presidential candidate the delegate candidate actually likes. The ballot just lists the names.

This system seems totally nuts to me, and unfair to the voters. How the heck would anyone have any clue who to vote for? As a voter, wouldn’t you want to know who you’re selecting so it matches the presidential candidate you want to win? Well, this is where Ted Cruz seems to have figured out how to make the most of the quirky system.

Cruz and his supporters are handing out sheets to help voters select delegates who have pledged their support to Cruz. So, if you’re a voter who likes Cruz, you know exactly who to vote for. Smart and completely legal.

Pennsylvania’s system to me is still dumb and confusing. Each delegate is extremely important this time around, I hope the Trump and Kasich campaigns are also making their sheets to help voters out.