Gretchen's Take

Gretchen's Take: Super PACs don't seem to matter this year

The conventional wisdom about campaign cash has been turned on its ear


A lot's been made in past political elections how effective and important it was for successful presidential candidates to have huge Super Pacs with fat bank accounts.
However, this year like so many other things, it didn't seem to matter. Here are the top super pacs for GOP candidates no longer in the race.

Super Pac money right to rise USA for Jeb Bush $118,685,856. For Jeb Bush, donors gave more than 118 million dollars. Bush exited the race in February and never even won a primary.

For Marco Rubio, donors gave more than 32 million bucks. he won just one state before leaving the race Tuesday night.

Donors supporting Scott Walker shelled out close to 25 million dollars for a candidate who got out of the race before it even started.

Total Super Pac money for GOP candidates now gone? More than 200 million dollars.

This time around -- all that money bought essentially nothing. Like with so many other issues -- the conventional wisdom about campaign cash --- this year has been turned on its ear.