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Gretchen's Take: History lesson on contested GOP conventions

Why John Kasich and Ted Cruz are staying in the race


A bit of a history lesson today on contested Republican conventions.

Since 1880, there have been 8 of them.

1880: Garfield ends up winning.
1884: James Blaine.
1888 Benjamin Harrison
1912: Taft.
1916: Charles Hughes
1920: Harding
1940: Wendel Wilkie
1948: Thomas Dewey

Here's the interesting factoid for John Kasich and Ted Cruz. For example, 5 of the 8 contests ended up with a winner who wasn't leading in the delegate count going into the conventions.

This is why John Kasich and to a lesser degree Ted Cruz are staying in the race. We haven't done it for almost 70 years, but 2016 could become the ninth GOP contested convention.