While Ohio looks too close to call in the latest Fox News poll between Kasich and Donald Trump. Florida is a different story.

Trump by a long shot -- 43 percent with Senator Marco Rubio far behind at just 20 percent.

Part of it no doubt -- is Rubio’s approval rating in his own state, at only 48 percent for his job he as a Senator, compared to a whopping 79 percent of likely Republican voters in Ohio saying they approve of the job John Kasich is doing there.

When you break it out in Florida to look at early voters, people who may have voted before the major dust ups started between Rubio and Trump. It appears voters still going for Trump -- Trump getting 47 percent of the already voted crowd compared to Rubio’s 22 percent.

So far, the only candidate whose' taken on Trump and continued to do well is Ted Cruz. On the other hand, maybe the smartest person of all has been John Kasich, who as he says is sometimes the only adult in the room. How many adults will we see tonight at the GOP debate?