Gretchen's take: Will administration stay status quo?

Future of fighting terrorism


At the same time we have no clear answer about what will happen to Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl or whether or not the United States actually does do prisoner swaps ... Or if there is a clear message on fighting Islamic terrorism-- because the administration refuses to call it what it is ...

We also had two high ranking retired military generals and one admiral testify before the new members of the Senate Armed Services Committee yesterday -- claiming Al Qaeda has not dwindled -- but actually grown over the past few years.  And then one of those generals -- General Jack Keane -- delivered the final blow as he sees it ...

Saying quote: "after US troops pulled out of Iraq in 2011, ISIS emerged as a terrorist organization in Iraq, and moved into Syria in 2012 ... We fully chose not to define it and its ideology, and most critically we have no comprehensive strategy to stop it and defeat it."  

So will this administration finally accept it for what it is ... And finally come up with a comprehensive strategy to defeat it?  Or will it stay status quo for the next two years hoping it doesn't get any worse.