The wheels have fallen off the Obama bandwagon

Ed Henry reports from Washington, D.C.


Hours after President Obama stumbled through his retreat on ObamaCare last week, a liberal friend was telling me how disappointed she is in him. The insurance debacle, she said with resignation, was the final straw and led her to conclude he lacks the right stuff to be a good president.

“It’s so discouraging,” she sighed. “I give up.”

She’s not alone. Poll after poll shows that millions of former Obama-bots now concede he is not worthy of their trust and are stampeding off the bus. The magic ride is over and they just want to go home and sleep it off.

Even The New York Times editorial page stirred. The big cheese of the Obama Protection Racket assailed his administration’s “incompetence.” Stop the presses!

Finally, a great awakening is taking place. Slowly but clearly, America is moving away from a national nightmare, when nonbelievers in the Church of Dear Leader were labeled racists and fascists. The freedom to disagree is coming back.

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