BIAS BASH: Media ignores ‘Democrat’ label for San Diego mayor accused of harassment

Jim Pinkerton says mainstream media often omits the party affiliation when a democrat is involved in a scandal but often identifies troubled Republicans by their party


Fox News contributor Jim Pinkerton slammed the mainstream media Monday for often omitting party affiliation when a Democrat is involved in a scandal - but often identifying troubled Republicans by their party.

"In the eye of the mainstream media, when is a Democrat not a Democrat? And the answer is, when there is a scandal," Pinkerton told Fox News’ Jonathan Hunt on FoxNews.com LIVE.

Pinkerton, a contributing editor and writer for The American Conservative Magazine, says he noticed the trend after reading a piece by Scott Whitlock for Newsbusters.

"Both ABC and NBC, talked about the Bob Filner case, you remember him, the sleaze ball, soon to be ex-mayor of San Diego, and yet neither report mentioned that he was in fact a Democrat. Yet, at the same time, they were talking about a much smaller, micro case in comparison, which is the Lt. Gov. of Texas (who) made a phone call to the cops to help a relative who had been busted shoplifting and ABC went through great pains to mention that Dewhurst  was, in fact, a Republican.

"So if it is Filner as a Democrat, there is no need to mention his party affiliation. If it is Dewhurst, a Republican, at a one trillionth of the scandal, of course get the name Republican in there," said Pinkerton. "The media does what it can on behalf of one party."

Pinkerton gave more examples of media bias, including reports on Jesse Jackson Jr., and going back as far as the Keating five scandal.

"Words matter. Media bias matter. It is worth drawing attention to it," said Pinkerton. "If you are gonna do one, you have to do another."

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