Todd Starnes

Todd Starnes asks, 'Is my column really a threat to national security?'



The Utah Air National Guard has suspended the security clearance of an airman who complained about gay weddings at West Point after he posted stories I had written on his personal Facebook page.

Tech Sergeant Layne Wilson is a 27-year veteran of the Utah Air National Guard. He was reprimanded after he wrote an email to the chaplain at West Point objecting to a gay wedding in the West Point Chapel. 

He was later told to prepare for early retirement because his personal beliefs about homosexuality were not compatible with the military’s policies.

The Utah Air National Guard eventually reversed that decision – but the reprimand remained. And now – the military has decided to issue an additional punishment.


Wilson’s attorney tells me they’ve suspended his client’s security clearance because of his Facebook postings.

“They said his Facebook postings made them question his allegiance to the United States,” attorney John Wells told me. “Our country was built on the ability to speak one’s mind and to worship as one chooses. It would appear that this administration is trying to undermine those basic rights.”

The military uncovered 74 pages of objectionable Facebook postings – including two that were links to stories I had written and posted on my website.

The first item the military considered to be a threat to national security was a story I wrote about a university that ordered a student to remove her cross necklace. 

The other story they found objectionable was a story about a preacher who had been arrested for calling homosexuality a sin.

“I don’t know how a post about a young girl forced to remove her crucifix is a threat to national security,” Wells said.

Wells said he’s had a chance to study all 74 pages and hasn’t been able to find a single offensive posting.

“There were some anti-Obama posts urging impeachment, a criticism of religious persecution and support for the Constitution,” he said. “There were one or two posts about Edward Snowden that supported his revelations about domestic spying and one comment from Layne that if he went to jail that would be a travesty.”

Wells also seemed puzzled as to why my writings have been deemed a threat by military personnel.

“What is worse, these posts were made while he was a civilian and not on duty with the Air National Guard,” he said. “This is an unconscionable attempt …to censor free expression.”

These are indeed troubling times for our Armed Forces as Obama appointees turn the military into a social engineering petri dish.

And I’m mighty sorry Tech Sergeant Wilson may have gotten into trouble because of something I wrote.

Who knew that your friendly neighborhood commentator is a threat to national security? I’d better alert my accountant to prepare for a visit from the Internal Revenue Service.

I just hope there’s not a drone hovering outside my office window.

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