MICHAEL GOODWIN: Obama's Terror Strategy Puts America at Risk



Pull together the loose threads of recent events and President Obama's vision for fighting the war on terror becomes one very scary picture. Scary, that is, for innocent Americans.

From interrogation to adjudication, the White House plan offers more legal protections to terror suspects and less to our nation. It's a kinder, gentler tilt that favors bad guys and raises the risk of attack at home because it compromises national security to promote other concerns and values.
One thread is Attorney General Eric Holder's misguided decision to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate whether CIA agents broke the law in aggressive questioning of suspects captured in Iraq and Afghanistan. Holder, who shamelessly gave Bill Clinton the legal okay to pardon mega-criminal Marc Rich, has little mercy for the agents who risked their lives to protect America.

Knowing Holder stands ready to second-guess its every move is reportedly sending chills through the spook agency.

Another scary thread is the plan to take the job of terror questioning away from the CIA and move it to a new group in the FBI. The move is part of an effort to treat terror as just another law enforcement problem, a downgrade that led the White House to drop the words "war on terror."

Michael Goodwin is a Pulitzer-prize winning columnist for the New York Daily News and FOX News Contributor. To read his complete column, click here.

Michael Goodwin is a Fox News contributor and New York Post columnist.