Obama's Christian-Muslim Double Standard: Our First Dhimmi President

By Tommy DeSeno

With every speech he gives, President Obama goes further and further in diminishing Christianity in America while inflating Muslims here and around the world.

For Americans this appears to be at best an incredibly bad choice of rhetoric or at worst the manifestation of a prejudice hidden in Obama, finally making its way out.

To Muslims though, it has a much deeper meaning tied to the concept of "Dhimmi," the subjugation of other religions to Islam. I'll define that in more detail at the end of this column, but first let's examine the proof that Obama is diminishing Christians while inflating Muslims.

It started in a speech he gave in 2007 when he stated, "Whatever we once were, we're no longer a Christian nation."At that same speech he criticized Christian leaders, claiming they have used their religion for political purposes.

I guess he thinks "Jihad" is a Christian word.

He repeated again that "America is not a Christian nation" a few weeks later. Little was made of it during the Presidential campaign because the media protected Obama from controversy at all costs. Either that or they just didn't grasp for themselves the "Dhimmi" implications Obama's words had for Muslims around the world.

One of his campaign promises was to give a speech "in a major Muslim capital" in his first 100 days in office.

The only such speech he made was in Turkey. At a press conference before his speech, Obama said, "[O]ne of the great strengths of the United States is -- although as I mentioned, we have a very large Christian population, we do not consider ourselves a Christian nation..."

He went on to say that America is also not a Muslim or Jewish nation, but no one has ever assumed that. His point therefore was to once again make sure the world knew he doesn't consider America, comprised of 78.5% Christians, a "Christian nation."

Three times in two years is enough, Mr. President. I fully understand you don't consider America a "Christian nation."

Perhaps what the President is referring to is that America has a secular government. We do, after all, have a secular Constitutional Republic that explicitly allows no state religion while allowing the practice of any religion.

The question then becomes does he see nations that are majority Muslim the same way? Has he made it a point to tell them three times they are not "Muslim nations?" In hypocritical fashion, no he hasn't.

If Turkey was his first speech in a "Muslim capital," why does he call it that? Like America, Turkey is a secular Constitutional Republic that explicitly allows no state religion while allowing the practice of any religion. See the double standard? According to Obama, Turkey is Muslim but America is not Christian.

In his speech in Turkey, as with his speech today in Egypt, President Obama told of his being from a "Majority-Muslim" nation - Indonesia. "Majority-Muslim" is Obama double speak that allows him to point out the Muslim aesthetic of a country without saying "Muslim Nation." Again, note the double standard. Like America and Turkey, Indonesia is a secular Constitutional Republic with no state religion while allowing religious freedom.

To further diminish American Christianity and inflate Muslim presence here, on June 1stPresident Obama told French television, "If you actually took the number of Muslim Americans, we'd be one of the largest Muslim countries in the world."In his speech in Cairo today, he put the number of Muslims in America at 7 million.

According to the CIA World Factbook, there are only 1.8 million Muslims here. President Einstein miscalculated by almost 400%.

He isn't even right about the USA Muslim population being "one of the largest Muslim countries in the world." Assuming his overinflated number, there are between 30 and 35 countries with more Muslims than we have, and if we stop him from lying and use the real number, the American Muslim community ranks about 50thin size. Certainly not one of the largest.

Once again we see an attempt by Obama to inflate Muslims by overstating their size and saying America would be "one of the largest Muslim countries," but three times he has insisted America is "not a Christian country," despite that we are ranked #1 in the world in Christian population and the birthday of Christ is an American national holiday.

The significance of Obama's attempts to raise the Muslim status into something bigger than it is, while diminishing Christianity, is tied to the concept of what in the Muslim world is termed "Dhimmi."

"Dhimmi" is a status historically given to Christians and Jews in Muslim countries. It is a lesser legal status with lesser rights. Political rights are curtailed. The practice of Christianity and Judaism is allowed only by accepting the subjugation of those religions to Islam, and Christians and Jews pay a tax to the Muslims. The entire concept revolves around the idea of accepting that Christians and Jews are lesser people, while Muslims are greater people.

Obama has made no bones about his wanting to get on the good side of Muslim nations. He clearly has no reservations about diminishing Christians, consistent with Muslim "Dhimmi" tradition, to do so. Sadly, it's a racist gesture.

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Tommy De Seno is an attorney in New Jersey and contributor to Ricochet.com.