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    NEIL CAVUTO, HOST OF "YOUR WORLD": Meanwhile, the hunt is on for the person who blew up a bomb near a busy Israeli bus station today, one person dead, dozens of people hurt, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu saying that Israel will act aggressively and wisely.

    This is the first major bombing in Jerusalem in several years.

    On the phone, the mayor of Jerusalem, Nir Barkat.

    Mayor, what's the latest there?  

    NIR BARKAT, MAYOR OF JERUSALEM, ISRAEL: well, the latest is that, in Jerusalem, we're going back to normal life.

    And, naturally, the Israeli security forces are, I believe, will hunt the person and the find the root of the terrorists and pursue the maximum under law. And it's very imperative and important for Jerusalem to go back to normal life as fast as possible, which we're doing.

    CAVUTO: Well, you guys are very good at that. And you have been sadly used to these kind of things, but lately not. And maybe since the building of that wall, these incidents have dramatically been curtailed.  What now? What do you do if this is a sign of maybe more increased violence to come?

    BARKAT: Well, I think terrorism is a global problem. And if anybody, here in Israel and in Jerusalem, we know how to deal with it.

    It's a local incident. And I believe that when we find the terrorists that is putting death in the -- as -- as -- is the most important thing in a city that promotes life, I believe we'll find the roots of it and get things back on track.

    Israel and the world needs quiet. And we mustn't get the terror to have any gains, zero gains for terrorists, and go back to normal life. It's the best way to deal with terror.

    CAVUTO: Do you know, has anyone claimed responsibility, Mayor?

    BARKAT: Well, there are a few terrorist organizations that praise the terrorists and praise death of innocent people.

    The people of Jerusalem -- I went to see -- in the hospital, I saw women and children, and I saw people from Africa and from all around the world that live their quiet life in the city of Jerusalem. And we will continue doing that.

    We have a beautiful marathon planned for this Friday, the first Jerusalem marathon, international marathon. We have over 10,000 runners.  And thank God it's going to continue as normal and continue to be as strong and as beautiful as any marathon could be in the world.

    And, by the way, I recommend people in the world to come and share and have -- and enjoy Jerusalem at its best. And I believe (AUDIO GAP) come this. Eventually, we have no choice but to overcome this, not only here in Jerusalem, but all over the Western world or throughout the world.

    CAVUTO: Mayor, what do you think of the Arab League members backing out, some of them preventing their planes from being involved at all in the case of the United Arab Emirates, in these coalition no-fly zone attempts over Libya?

    BARKAT: Well, the Israeli experience is, be very, very consistent and stubborn when you fight terrorism (AUDIO GAP) pursue people that want to hurt us to the maximum, and maintain a sustainable high quality of life.

    And when people stutter, eventually, they pay a heavy price.


    CAVUTO: So, these Arab League nations -- these Arab League nations that are having second thoughts -- I'm thinking in the case of one, the UAE -- because of our policy on Bahrain, which seemed like a weird excuse, but do you think that they're not -- that they're getting skittish now, and they don't want do look like they are for and part of attacking Arabs?

    BARKAT: I think they're stuttering. And when you stutter, you pay a heavy price eventually, because people cannot trust you.

    You have to have a very consistent and straightforward and honest strategy. And if you swing from side to side, eventually, you lose height and you can crash, like anything. And it's true for anything in life, in business and in politics and in managing a city or anything you want to do.

    My recommendation to the Arab world, stick to peace, stick to life, always condemn terror, never let terror have any gains, and, if you do, long term, you win.

    CAVUTO: Mayor Barkat, thank you very, very much. Be safe.

    BARKAT: Thank you.

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