• With: Rep. Luis Gutierrez, D-Ill.

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    NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: Delaying deportations, maybe millions of them. Democratic Congressman Luis Gutierrez is so confident the president is set to do this that he has been meeting with leaders in Chicago, preparing for all of this.

    All right, so, Congressman, you have got to know something we do not. What?

    REP. LUIS GUTIERREZ, D-ILL.: Well, actually, I have been listening very, very carefully. We have been in meetings with people at Homeland Security, at the White House for months now.

    And I think the fact that Speaker Boehner informed the president early in July that he was not going to take action on the Senate bill or any action on any immigration bill, the president said, well, now it is time for me to act. And I'm happy he's going to do that.

    CAVUTO: Well, wait a minute. There was the House bill. There was the House bill. It is going nowhere in the Senate.

    GUTIERREZ: Which bill was that? Which bill was that, Neil?


    CAVUTO: So...


    GUTIERREZ: But there is no -- there is no bill to our fix our broken immigration system in the House.


    CAVUTO: Well, you are saying the Republicans didn't have a plan in the House. They had a plan. It's going nowhere, right?

    GUTIERREZ: What they did is -- they did.

    I -- I worked with them, as you know, religiously on the preparation of a bill.

    CAVUTO: Right.

    GUTIERREZ: And in the end, the speaker said he's never going call it for a vote, and we're not going to do anything in the House of Representatives.

    In the Senate, they voted on 68-34, with about a dozen Republicans. They had a plan. And, hey, when the House Republicans said to the president, Neil, it can't be the Senate bill, he said OK. When he said everybody can't become a citizen right away, he said OK. When he said we have got to do it in parts and pieces, we can't do it holistically, he said OK. But in the end...


    GUTIERREZ: ... he simply walked away.


    CAVUTO: Yes, but when did he say -- when did he say that millions of illegals were going to be granted amnesty? Because if what you are saying is right, he is prepared to do that.

    GUTIERREZ: What he said is, if the House of Representatives and the Congress act, then he will act.

    CAVUTO: And how is he going to he act?


    CAVUTO: Again, I'm sorry, Congressman.


    CAVUTO: How is he going to he act? What's he going to do?

    GUTIERREZ: Well, here is what I think. Here is what I think.

    Here is what I believe is going to happen. He is going to say, God, there's over six million undocumented workers that have been here 10 years or more. And they have established roots in their community.

    They have American citizen wives.

    CAVUTO: So, what's he going to do?

    GUTIERREZ: They have American citizen children. They have...

    CAVUTO: You're saying six million then will be granted status here?

    GUTIERREZ: No. I don't know. I'm simply saying that there are six million who have been here 10 years.


    CAVUTO: Oh, I think you know.


    CAVUTO: I think you are pretty -- you are tight with the president and you are tight with the White House. So, I don't think you just say this stuff out of turn.