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    DONALD TRUMP, CHAIRMAN & CEO, TRUMP HOTELS & CASINO RESORTS: I heard Jeb Bush the other day. And he was talking about people that come into this country illegally, they do it for love.


    TRUMP: And I said, say it again? I didn't get -- that's one I have never heard of before.

    I have heard a lot. I have heard money. I have heard this. I have heard sex. I have heard everything. The one thing I never heard of was love. I understand what he is saying. But, you know, it's out there.


    NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: Well, you know, if those boos are any sign, it sure sounds like a RINO heave-ho?

    To the Donald on whether a political dynasty might have just been trumped.

    Donald, the reaction to those comments was very, very revealing, I thought. What do you make of that?

    TRUMP: Well, it was strong. And I was a little bit surprised as I was saying it. I was being a little sarcastic, having a little fun with it, but it was a statement that was not a very popular statement.

    When I made the statement, and when I sort of quoted him, the place went a little bit wild. And they were angry.

    CAVUTO: You know what's interesting too? On this issue of illegal immigration, there is part of the party, maybe represented by the Jeb Bushes, to an extent, the Chris Christies, where we have to be flexible on this, that a part of the party that says, no, no, no, they're here illegally. You can talk love all you want. We have got to be tough on this.

    Which side is winning out?

    TRUMP: Well, I don't know which side is winning out.

    I can to tell you that you have a country and we have a country that has to be based on laws. And you have people coming in illegally. And our borders are like a sieve. They come through like it's nothing. And we could very easily build a -- I'm a builder. What I do is, build great things. And you could very easily build something that would not make it even possible for people to come in.

    And you either have a country or you don't. And if we're not going have boundaries or we're not going have borders, you don't have a country.

    CAVUTO: So, does that mean Jeb Bush shouldn't even try to run for president?

    TRUMP: Well, maybe there's a group of people that agree with him, but I don't. I certainly don't agree.

    CAVUTO: There's something else you said at this same gathering that made it sound to me like you're more than passing comments on potential guys running for president, that maybe you were running for president.

    I want you to listen back to this and -- and maybe feed my inquiry here.


    TRUMP: We need somebody that is going to get things done, and politicians are all talk and no action.

    It's true. All talk. It's all bull (EXPLETIVE DELETED).


    TRUMP: It's all talk.


    TRUMP: And it's no action. They talk and talk. And you go crazy and blah, blah, blah. In the meantime, everybody else is eating lurch.


    TRUMP: And I sort of thought -- and you know whose lunch it is? Our lunch.



    CAVUTO: I think you cursed there, Donald.

    TRUMP: I did. I did.

    Every once in a while, I do that... (LAUGHTER)

    TRUMP: ... because it emphasizes. It's called emphasis.

    CAVUTO: I understand that. TRUMP: But the truth is that it's true. I have seen these politicians. I have watched them for a long time, and they are all talk, no action.

    In the meantime, we're being taken advantage of by so many different places, OPEC. You look at OPEC. With all the energy all over the world and under our own feet, why is oil and gas and everything else -- sets records all the time, and you say, how is that possible?

    And it's -- it's really incompetence. It's incompetent leadership, and you look at what China is doing, they just recently devalued their currency, which you covered by nicely. But who would have thought they would have done that again? They only did that because it was so weakened.