• With: Melissa Francis, Tanya Zuckerbrot

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    NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: You want to light up? well, you better stock up, at least at CVS. The drugstore chain is going to stop selling tobacco products, all tobacco products, by October 1.

    The president praising the decision -- he, of course, a former smoker. We think he`s a former smoker. But it was up to CVS to make that decision for shoppers. And did they make the right decision?

    Melissa Francis wonders, what`s next, Ring Dings?


    CAVUTO: I would normally think that. Melissa is ridiculously thin.


    CAVUTO: Nutritionist Tanya Zuckerbrot is very happy with this move.

    So you`re worried, Melissa, that it`s a slippery, sugary slope.

    MELISSA FRANCIS, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: They`re trying to say they`re a health care company, so it doesn`t make sense to sell cigarettes. I see that, but what`s next, Ding Dongs, Ring Dings?


    FRANCIS: They sell diet pills. They sell alcohol. I mean, they sell -- so, why tobacco? Why make that the thing? Where do they go next with this?

    CAVUTO: So you get the diet pills with the Ring Dings.

    FRANCIS: I guess. I mean, those are terrible for you. They sell Hydroxycut and all that kind of stuff. They sell alcohol in stores. They sell sugar, they sell soda.

    CAVUTO: CVS sells alcohol?

    FRANCIS: Yes.


    CAVUTO: Boy, what have I been missing?

    FRANCIS: Check this out.

    CAVUTO: Tanya, what do you think?

    TANYA ZUCKERBROT, FOUNDER, F-FACTOR DIET, LLC: I think that this is CVS finally waking up.

    I mean, their brand is wellness. In the back, they have a pharmacy that sells vitamins and medications that help extend yours years, and in the front, they`re selling something that we know kills you. Cigarettes kill. So, for them to be a wellness company, this is them...


    CAVUTO: Yes, but I also know you`re a health freak, and now you`re saying, all right, we got rid of the cigarettes. Now we`re heading for the snack food aisle.

    FRANCIS: Right. Yes.

    ZUCKERBROT: Eventually, I think I would like to see a lot of positive changes made in this way.

    CAVUTO: Aha!


    CAVUTO: This is all...


    ZUCKERBROT: The difference is -- the difference is, Doritos in moderation have not been shown to increase the chances of morbidity, when we know even one cigarette causes damage.

    CAVUTO: Oh, so you might give Doritos a pass?


    CAVUTO: For now.

    ZUCKERBROT: For now, for now.

    FRANCIS: What about alcohol?

    ZUCKERBROT: Look, of course, alcohol is something that can be abused, but studies have shown that there are numerous health benefits to people who can drink alcohol in moderation.

    The problem is, with cigarettes, even one, even with moderation, it causes lung cancer. It could lead to, you know, emphysema, to other diseases.

    CAVUTO: You know what I think? I really do think that CVS was getting scaredy-cat here, with the health care law and the changes and everything else. It certainly didn`t look good in this environment -- I`m not a fan of smoking, trust me -- for them to be selling these products, when the nation is moving en masse into this health care law, bumps not withstanding.