• With: Neil Cavuto

    This just in.

    This has just got to stop.


    President Barack Obama: If you've talked to someone who said, I don't know, I was watching Fox News and they said it was horrible.


    Mr. President, Fox News isn't what's making Americans sick about your healthcare law.

    Your healthcare law is.

    Welcome, everybody, I'm Neil Cavuto.

    And excuse this departure from form.

    But I think this is just poor form.

    So, it's time we set some things straight.

    Mr. President, we at Fox News are not the problem.

    I hate to break it to you, sir.

    You are.

    Your words are.

    Your promises are.

    We didn't sell this healthcare law.

    Sir, you did. Remember this?


    President Barack Obama: If you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor. Period.


    Mr. President, tell that to tens of thousands of retirees at IBM and Time Warner and dozens of others, who've been dumped from their coverage and told to find their own coverage.

    Fox News didn't break that news to them, Mr. President.

    Their companies did.

    Fox News didn't push more of those firms to hire part-time workers.

    Your healthcare law did.

    Fox News didn't incentivize fast food restaurants to scale back their benefits.

    Your healthcare law did.

    Fox News didn't make doctors want to opt out.

    Your healthcare law did.

    Fox News didn't make insurance premiums sky rocket.

    Your healthcare law did.

    Just like Fox News didn't grant hundreds of exemptions to companies that needed them.

    You did.

    And Fox News didn't delay one key provision after another, including online enrollment for those small business exchanges.

    You did.

    Just like it wasn't Fox News that said we had to pass this to see what was in this.

    You did.

    Or was that Nancy Pelosi? Sometimes I'm confused.