• With: Rep. Karen Bass

    CAVUTO: All right.

    BASS: But what I do know is, is that they never did Pelosi the way they did Speaker Boehner last night. I do think that that was just really...


    CAVUTO: Well, we can quibble with that, but there is no quibbling that you are trying to move the ball forward and you are trying to come up with ideas. I appreciate that, just as an American.

    BASS: Democrats are willing to vote for cuts.

    CAVUTO: Well, I think you should talk to your friends because you seem like a very nice lady, but I have not heard it. But maybe hope springs eternal. And after the season, it will be like a miracle on, I don't know, K Street.

    But, Congresswoman...

    BASS: I think we will be back on the 27th.

    CAVUTO: All right. Thank you very much.

    BASS: You're welcome.

    CAVUTO: Have a merry Christmas.

    BASS: You're welcome. You, too.

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