• With: Rep. Karen Bass, D-Calif.

    BASS: Right.

    CAVUTO: So, we look how they react, too, right, if they make contorted expressions or look, in the case of the president, down or somber.

    BASS: Right.

    CAVUTO: Does that matter? Or do we in the media over-obsess?

    BASS: Well, I think when the media over-obsesses, I do think...

    CAVUTO: Everyone else does.

    BASS: Sure, because, actually, I was watching the debate, and I actually had a different response than what everybody did afterwards.

    I thought the president was very thoughtful. I thought Romney seemed a little hyper and I thought he was interrupting the moderator a lot.

    CAVUTO: That's interesting.

    BASS: But the spin afterwards was so strong that even though I felt differently when I was watching it, after I heard the spin, it was like, what did I miss?

    CAVUTO: Well, that is where -- that is where this room gets crazy, right, because then afterwards, they all start saying, did you see how he "ummed" and "ahed," did you see how he looked down?

    BASS: Right.

    CAVUTO: And then you scratch your head and say, yes, yes, I guess I did and all.

    So, how important is this room afterwards, Congresswoman?

    BASS: Well, I think it is important, because unless the viewer turns off the TV immediately after the debate is over, then they are -- what they are left with is the spin.

    CAVUTO: Yes.

    BASS: And, of course, we will all be there spinning.

    CAVUTO: Now, you're one of those who has been advocating a hand across the aisle and not a thorn. And we will have to see that no matter who wins this election, no matter what the makeup of Congress is.

    Do you think can we? I know you work well with Republicans and they with you, but not too many creatures like that in Washington these days. And I don't mean that as a negative. You know what I mean?

    BASS: I do.

    CAVUTO: Like, the camaraderie is just sort of not in the sauce here.

    BASS: I do. And I just think that it is really important, because the issues that we're going to be facing right after the election, we have to get so much done before the end of the year. Frankly, we have to get done...

    CAVUTO: It is going to be up to a lame-duck session of Congress to do it all, isn't it?

    BASS: Right, all the stuff that we should done over these last couple of years.

    CAVUTO: Do you think it can be done, or will they punt for another six months?


    BASS: Well, I think it has to be done.

    But I do think, depending on the outcome of the election -- and you know we are not talking just about the presidential, but the Senate and the House of Representatives -- as to whether or not we make definite decisions or whether we delay it by 30, 60, or 90 days, as you said.

    CAVUTO: Right.

    Congresswoman, a real pleasure. Thank you very, very much.

    BASS: Thanks for having me again.

    CAVUTO: I know you have been on a tight schedule. We will see your reaction tonight in the spin room.

    BASS: OK. All right.

    CAVUTO: It's going to be slightly more crowded.

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