• With: John Tabacco and Derek Tabacco, founders of 'Occupy a Desk'

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    NEIL CAVUTO, HOST OF “YOUR WORLD”: Forget protesters occupying ports.

    To the guys who want to help them ‘Occupy a Job’.

    Welcome, everybody. Glad to have you. I’m Neil Cavuto.

    And remember the two Wall Streeters who took on the ‘Occupiers’?


    UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You guys are not doing bad, right, economically? You’re doing OK, right?


    UNIDENTIFIED MALE: ... economy, bro, everyday. Every time, we are hiring.


    UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We’re part of Americans who pay taxes. That’s what we are.


    UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We’ve never been on unemployment our whole life, never once. We pay our taxes. We stimulate the economy. We hire people.


    UNIDENTIFIED MALE: ... Americans who are unemployed?

    UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I think they are lazy.


    UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You think 10 percent of Americans...


    UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I never knew anyone who got a job sleeping in a park.



    CAVUTO: Well, that was then. This is now.

    John Tabacco and his brother Derek returning to Zuccotti Park in New York City today, this time to offer the ‘Occupiers’ a job at their ‘Occupy a Desk’ Job Fair. Did they get any takers?

    Gentleman, good to have both of you.


    CAVUTO: Any takers from any of these crowds?

    JOHN TABACCO, CEO, LOCATESTOCK.COM: Well, it was an exciting day. It was certainly, from our perspective, a very positive experience, Neil.

    When we went out there and did our first protest and asked people to ‘Occupy a Desk’ or get a job, they were screaming at us, I can’t get a job. Where can I get a job? So we thought, hey, if they cannot find jobs, they don’t have time to go out and interview because they are sleeping in a park, let’s get some job opportunities and bring them down to the park. And to be honest with you, I think if Mayor Bloomberg wants a clue on how to clear the park, they should hold a job fair there every day, because...


    CAVUTO: So, Derek, what did you do? In other words, you brought the office to them. In other words, you were taking prospective candidates and interviewing them or what?

    DEREK TABACCO, FOUNDER, OCCUPY A DESK: Not really today, Neil.

    Today, it was -- we tried to get a few businesses down there that were looking to hire people in January, upcoming jobs, different industries.

    CAVUTO: Were any hired that you know of?

    D. TABACCO: We don’t know that any were actually hired today.

    But a lot of people gave their resumes. They were semi-interviewed. You have to understand, it was pretty tough. And then the ‘Occupy Wall Street,’ a small fraction of them, came down and they surrounded us and they started throwing birdseed on our feet.

    So it kind of disrupted us a little bit.

    CAVUTO: Wait. Wait. Wait. They threw birdseed on your feet?

    D. TABACCO: Yes. As we were doing some interviews and people were trying to take brochures and drop off resumes, they surrounded us and started throwing birdseed on our feet.