• With: Sen. Ron Johnson, Rep. Kurt Schrader

    CAVUTO: All right, a fair point.

    But I guess what I'm asking you, if you know you had a problem with Solyndra -- and you might say it was more the exception, hardly the rule -- wouldn't you just, for the better part of valor, say, let's take a look at all of these, the nuke included? Did we dot the I's and did we cross the T's?

    SCHRADER: Oh, Absolutely. Absolutely.

    CAVUTO: No, no, but I think what happened -- Republicans have done this as well -- when there is a deadline to get money out the door, because you either spend it or lose you, then you are in too much of a rush to check the details.

    SCHRADER: Well, and I think that is the problem.

    The inspector general is all over that and I have a lot of faith in my colleagues in the Oversight Committee going to raise the issue, so that we don't have a repeat of this type of disaster.


    CAVUTO: But how do you know? You have got the clock running out. And, presumably, the inspector general was there for Solyndra, right?

    SCHRADER: The issue you are talking about, use it or lose it, is agency-wide. I don't care if it's local government, state government or federal government. And that is a problem.

    We ought to incentivize these agencies to not spend the money that they have left over coming to the end of the season. Let them keep it for some other capital one-time purposes and put the rest back in the treasury.

    CAVUTO: So you would acknowledge -- and we agree on this -- that when there is a rush to get money out the door because you would lose it then by this agency's standard, you got to get it out? You have got to get it out.

    And inherent in that is risk of wasting of it, right?

    SCHRADER: I think that is the wrong incentive. You have nailed that very, very well. And in my state legislative role here at the federal government, I see the same thing. We have got to incentivize a different culture if we will get anywhere.

    Right now, it is all about defending your turf and stuff. And frankly they are under a mandate. They have conflicting rules. And they're told to do one thing and they're afraid of the other. I think we should give them some clear direction. I hope that is what we do in Congress when we get back.

    CAVUTO: We will watch closely. Congressman, very good having you, Kurt Schrader, in Portland.

    SCHRADER: Thanks, Neil.

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