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    NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: You know, with all of the wonderful hallmark images I have of my friend Martha Stewart, not a one, not a one, has her in a Home Depot.


    CAVUTO: Macy's, yes. KB Home, after a while, I even saw that one. Even Costco, doable, doable. But Home Depot?

    With me now, Martha Stewart to explain.

    This one, I just can't get my arms...

    MARTHA STEWART, FOUNDER, MARTHA STEWART LIVING OMNIMEDIA: Well, you don't know me personally, because I have been a builder for my whole life, a builder not only...

    CAVUTO: Do you have a tool belt?

    STEWART: Not only — I certainly have a tool belt.

    CAVUTO: You do?

    STEWART: I do.

    I have a gardening tool belt and a gardening bag. I have — and they sell a lot of gardening stuff.

    CAVUTO: They do, indeed.

    STEWART: I have a tool belt. I have a tool chest that you would be so jealous of.

    CAVUTO: Well, it's all organized.

    STEWART: But — of course. But...

    CAVUTO: But I just couldn't — what got this thing going?

    STEWART: Well, Home Depot — we — we — our Kmart contract is coming an end at the end of January 2010. And we wanted to replace it with something even bigger and better. And we're so excited.

    CAVUTO: What happened there, by the way, Martha?

    STEWART: Nothing. It's just our contract is..


    CAVUTO: Neither party was interested, or you weren't interested?


    STEWART: Our contract has run out. It has run its course. And it has been a long and very, very fruitful relationship. So — so, now we're going to Home Depot.

    CAVUTO: So, I'm sorry. But that wasn't you saying, you're just too lowbrow for me?

    STEWART: Kmart?

    CAVUTO: Yes.

    STEWART: No. It's, we wanted — we wanted to have a fruitful future. And we are going to have that with Home Depot. And...

    CAVUTO: A very professional response.


    CAVUTO: So, what do you do? Will you have that is Martha-branded there?

    STEWART: Well, we're starting in January with outdoor living. That means outdoor furniture, accessories and things for the outdoors. That is when a store like Home Depot sells a lot of outdoor things, because it starts in the South, and people are starting to decorate their patios and their terraces, and moves north.

    CAVUTO: Right.

    STEWART: We're also doing a whole lot of organizing, home organizing, closets, drawers, storage, all kinds of things like that.

    And then, as the year goes on, we will be rolling out other categories, which I'm not at liberty to talk about right yet, but we will be back to talk about it.

    CAVUTO: But it starts on the outdoor stuff?

    STEWART: Yes, it does.

    CAVUTO: Now, when this debuts in, what, January 2010...

    STEWART: Yes.

    CAVUTO: So, here we are...