Baier Tracks: Keystone on hold, but ‘green’ line goes…

“As the battle over the administration-stalled Keystone XL pipeline heats up, with even top Democrats calling for Senate action to move it forward, there is another project that is moving full steam ahead despite significant pushback. Conservative economist Steve Moore writes about a 500-mile green energy power line to connect windmills to the power grid. That project is moving forward despite going right through an Army testing ground at New Mexico’s White Sands Missile Range. Unlike Keystone, where the Obama State Department hasn’t found a reason not to move forward with the project, the Defense Department says the power line may pose ‘an unacceptable risk to national security.’  It goes through a ‘restricted zone’ where missiles are tested. The company that funds the line, SunZia, says it would be too costly to reroute. (Tell that to the Keystone Pipeline folks.)
From Moore’s piece: ‘The power line could obstruct vital operations at White Sands, which is the Pentagon’s largest testing station for long-range weapons. DOD has already vetoed the project twice, but the greens in the administration keep agitating for it.’
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has failed to even bring Keystone up for a vote, but this project – despite significant pushback – seems to be on a fast track. Welcome to Washington.” – Bret Baier
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