Film producer tweets sexist script descriptions of women

Industry professional calls attention to emphasis on appearance of female leads in Hollywood

Suspicious lovers buying up tracking devices for Feb. 14

Married comedic duo Bonnie McFarlane and Rich Vos talk Valentine's Day in modern times

Rep. Duncan Hunter vapes during House hearing

Congressman turns heads with defense of e-cigarette use on planes

Congressman introduces bill to mandate wider airplane seats

Legislation seeks to accommodate today's larger Americans

2016 Oscars gift bags valued at $200,000

The panel reacts to vacations to Israel, Japan being included

Students target campus burlesque show for lack of diversity

Northwestern performance changed after complaints

'Red Eye' learns the art of moonshine tasting

'Moonshiners' star Tim Smith shows Tom Shillue how

Richard Dreyfuss on playing 'Madoff'

Actor joins 'Red Eye' to discuss his new role

Pa. judge orders people to stop wearing pajamas to court

Request made for appropriate attire

Students required to wear Fitbits at Oklahoma university

Panel reacts to mandatory fitness goals for Oral Roberts freshmen


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