Tonight on Red Eye

Tonight on Red Eye. A new debate about flying the confederate flag on state grounds. President Obama sits down for an hour long interview. And Sony Pictures demands that Spider-Man be a straight white, male. 


Cops arrest men for 'manspreading' on NYC subway

Riders nabbed for taking up more than one seat on late-night train

Report: NYPD boss spent $60K on Zumba studio for cops

Furious commissioner allegedly had studio dismantled

New Ben & Jerry's flavor fights global warming?

Save Our Swirled ice cream created to raise awareness

Is Hollywood racist towards Hawaii?

Group accuses Tinseltown of 'whitewashing' state in films

Tom Shillue: Liberals are winning the marketing game

The country hasn't changed but the message has

LOL: Outrage after Scrabble OKs use of slang

Game's new dictionary upsets grammar purists

Is America ready for a vegetarian president?

Ben Carson the lone vegetarian candidate in 2016 presidential field

Study: 'Humblebragging' worse than bragging, complaining

Panel debates research

Bar owner charged with manslaughter after man downs 56 shots

Patron dies from drinking challenge in France


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