NASA not ready to let astronauts drink alcohol in space

Space agency says it's too much of a risk to the equipment

Report: Hole-in-one stories

TV's Andy Levy reminisces from the 'Red Eye' News Deck

Trump coaxes GE CEO into telling story about his hole-in-one

Exchange with Jeff Immelt during White House manufacturing meeting

'Airport jacket' lets you wear 33 pounds of stuff

Wearable suitcase creation looking for funds for mass production

Halftime Report: Respect for Andy Levy

Ombudsman returns to the 'Red Eye' News Deck after a night off

Shillue: Younger generations are getting a bad rap

Many cases of 'snowflake' behavior come from older generations

Iceland's president walks back banning pineapple pizza

Gudni Johannesson admits he doesn't have authority to outlaw topping

'Pluto' speaks out on possibly becoming a planet again

Dwarf planet phones into 'Red Eye' to talk petition from NASA scientists to broaden 'planet' definition

Shillue: Deceitful media the real danger to the free press

The news media filter the facts and demand to discuss the narrative on their terms

Halftime Report: Picking on Sweden

Guest ombudsman Michael Malice reports from the 'Red Eye' News Deck


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