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August 27, 2014

Exclusive: Hannity one-on-one with Imam Anjem Choudary on rise of radical Islam

Guests: Imam Anjem Choudary

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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: Now, although the world is focusing on the ISIS terror network in Iraq and Syria, we must point out that the rise of radical Islam is not just confined to the Middle East.  
Now, my next guest, a controversial Muslim cleric in London, has advocated for Britain to become an Islamic state and follow sharia law.
Now, last week, Imam Anjem Choudary tweeted, "Whatever Prime Minister David Cameron and [Home Secretary Teresa (ph)] may do, they cannot stop the rise of the awakening giant called the Muslim Umma. Sharia will one day be law in the UK!"
And that's not all. The main suspect in the beheading of U.S. journalist James Foley was reportedly radicalized by Choudary's followers.
Here to explain himself in a "Hannity" exclusive is Imam Anjem Choudary. 
You have blamed the killing of this photojournalist on America. Now, whatever military reaction that we had in Mosul and the surrounding areas was in reaction to ISIS demanding convert to Islam or die. Do you support ISIS demanding that Christians, the Yazidis, convert to Islam or die? Do you support that?
ANJEM CHOUDARY, LONDON IMAM: Well, there's two questions there, one about what the Islamic State is actually asking (INAUDIBLE) to do and how this particular incident began. In fact, I seem to remember people were shocked and awed over 10 years ago when the Americans carpet-bombed this area and killed hundreds of thousands of people.
HANNITY: I asked you a simple question!
HANNITY: Do you support -- hang on!
CHOUDARY: What I'm talking about...
HANNITY: Do you support convert to Islam or die?
CHOUDARY: ... I want to answer it.
HANNITY: Well, answer the question!
CHOUDARY: The fact is -- well, I'm answering it. Allow me to. The fact is that this has a precursor. Every cause has an effect. If the Americans bomb and murder hundreds of thousands of people and they torture people and they continue to do so in Guantanamo Bay, obviously, this will have repercussions. I think it was your own master, George Bush...
CHOUDARY: ... who said either you're with us or with the terrorists.  And you know, we're not with America, definitely, so we must be with the terrorists. I think that...
HANNITY: OK, so you're with the terrorist.
CHOUDARY: ... you're basically isolated...
HANNITY: Do you -- now you didn't answer my question. Do you support ISIS telling Christians, the Yazidis, in Mosul, northern Iraq, that they must convert to Islam, pay a tax or die? What do you think of that?
CHOUDARY: This is simply false. It didn't happen.
HANNITY: It did...
CHOUDARY: The fact is that the Muslims in the Islamic State -- well, allow me to answer the question.
HANNITY: It absolutely happened!
CHOUDARY: The Muslims in the Islamic State...
HANNITY: It absolutely happened!
CHOUDARY: The Muslims in the...
HANNITY: They've been chased out of their homes...
HANNITY: Obviously, you need an education!
CHOUDARY: ... and then I'll answer the question when you're finished.
HANNITY: Imam -- let me -- let me educate you because, obviously, you're pretty ignorant. But we have video of children that have been beheaded, like this photojournalist, women and children with their heads placed on a stick after they've been beheaded. And we have one report after another of people who've been killed, chased out of their homes.  They're in the Sinjar mountains. The world is dropping food to support them and to protect them from radical friends of yours that you obviously support.
And I'm just asking, do you support the concept of an Islamic caliphate of either convert or die? Do you support that? It's a simple question! Why don't you just tell the truth what you believe?
CHOUDARY: Can I answer the question...
HANNITY: I'm waiting!
CHOUDARY: ... without interruption or...
HANNITY: Come on. Go ahead. Do you support convert or die?
CHOUDARY: What you're talking about is a complete falsehood. First of all, the Yazidis who went to the mountain went to he mountain even before the Islamic State came to the area. First of all, they said there were 40,000. Then they said there were 20,000. Then they went down -- eventually, they said, Well, a couple of a hundred, and they were living in the mountains anyway, in villages.
So this is a complete pack of lies in order to demonize and vilify the Islamic State. And by the way, there's nothing called ISIS anymore.  There's a caliphate. 
Secondly, the Christians are actually queuing up to come back into Mosul because they realize that life under the Sharia is much better than the Nouri al Maliki regime, which the Americans propped up and who was murdering and torturing the people in the region!
HANNITY: OK, let me ask you now...
HANNITY: Listen, you're rewriting -- you're rewriting...
HANNITY: You're writing your own history.
CHOUDARY: Wait a second!
HANNITY: You're not being honest. You're wasting our time.
CHOUDARY: Let me educate you! Let me educate you now!
HANNITY: You're not honest.
CHOUDARY: The fact is...
HANNITY: You get your show and I'll be a guest on your show.
CHOUDARY: ... tortured people, tortured people for over 10 years in Guantanamo Bay. They are still there! Let me ask you a question...
HANNITY: That's right. They're called terrorists.
CHOUDARY: Would you prefer to be killed...
HANNITY: By the way...
HANNITY: By the way...
CHOUDARY: ... or would you prefer to be tortured...
HANNITY: I would take you...
CHOUDARY: ... for 10 years...
HANNITY: I would take you...
CHOUDARY: ... (INAUDIBLE) and sexually abused...
HANNITY: I would take you and I would take all your friends and I would take the guy that beheaded this...
CHOUDARY: What do you prefer?
HANNITY: I'm giving you an answer! I'll say it in your mosque.
CHOUDARY: Do you prefer ritual (ph) and sexual abuse or would you prefer...
HANNITY: I would tell you...
CHOUDARY: Which one would you prefer?
HANNITY: Listen closely to the answer...
HANNITY: If you shut up, I'll give you an answer! Listen!
CHOUDARY: Let's talk about...
HANNITY: I would take every terrorist like you...
CHOUDARY: What about your drones? How many people have you...
HANNITY: Do you want an answer?
CHOUDARY: How many people have you beheaded...
HANNITY: You don't want an answer.
CHOUDARY: ... with your drones and your vacuum (ph) bombs and your daisy cutters?
HANNITY: That's right.
CHOUDARY: The only weapons of mass destruction which you found in Iraq were the ones you dropped yourselves!
HANNITY: Here's what's eventually going to happen...
HANNITY: Eventually, the world's going to wake up to what I would say, and every radical Islamist like you will be wiped off the face of the earth because you have no respect for women...
CHOUDARY: I'm afraid you...
HANNITY: ... no respect for people of other faiths! You have no respect for innocent human life!
HANNITY: You are radical and you want your religion or no religion.  Let me ask you some questions about...
CHOUDARY: ... talking about America.
HANNITY: Let me ask you questions about sharia, which you want to implement. Do you think women -- what do you think about women that don't want to cover themselves? Should they be allowed -- what would the punishment be if you don't want to cover women under sharia in Great Britain, if you had your way?
CHOUDARY: Well, I'll tell you something. We don't...
HANNITY: ... punishment be?
CHOUDARY: ... pornography, in the fashion and -- well, let me answer the question. We don't exploit them through pornography, the fashion and cosmetics industry. Women are not slabs of meat in Islam.
HANNITY: OK. I got it.
CHOUDARY: They are our mothers, our sisters.
HANNITY: And if a woman doesn't want to wear a burka or a covering, what would the punishment be?
CHOUDARY: Wait a second! Let me answer the question!
HANNITY: No, you're not answering the question.
CHOUDARY: You're not interested in the truth.
HANNITY: I'm asking! What should the punishment be? Are you that dumb and ignorant?
CHOUDARY: Women...
HANNITY: Answer it!
CHOUDARY: ... both -- both...
HANNITY: What would the punishment be?
CHOUDARY: ... Muslim and non-Muslim would cover themselves. They don't walk around naked like your own...
HANNITY: And if they don't cover themselves, what would the punishment be?
CHOUDARY: They are honored in Islam. They are honored in Islam.
HANNITY: OK. Now, let me ask you this. If a woman is raped...
HANNITY: If a woman is raped under sharia, there is...
HANNITY: ... in some countries, there is a need for four male eyewitnesses for that rape. Do you agree with that?
CHOUDARY: Look, this is nonsense. This is nonsense. They don't implement the sharia in Saudi Arabia or in Iran.
HANNITY: OK. In Iran, women can't be...
CHOUDARY: ... woman is raped, the man would be punished.
HANNITY: And what about women...
HANNITY: What about women that commit adultery? Should women be stoned to death if they commit adultery?
CHOUDARY: Both men and women -- both men and women, if there are witnesses...
HANNITY: They should be...
CHOUDARY: ... or if they are self-confession, of course, they will be punished.
HANNITY: What about gay people?
CHOUDARY: In Islam, there is punishment, but...
HANNITY: Should be gay people be stoned to death?
HANNITY: Should gay people be stoned to death?
CHOUDARY: Well, there -- you know, homosexuality and bestiality...
CHOUDARY: I believe in 28 states...
HANNITY: Should they be stoned to death? I'm asking!
CHOUDARY: Bestiality is legal in America!
HANNITY: Should -- should...
CHOUDARY: You know, you can have a relationship with just about whoever you want. In Islam, Allah created Adam and Eve...
HANNITY: OK. Should gay people...
HANNITY: Should gay people be stoned to death?
CHOUDARY: ... between man and women.
HANNITY: Should gay people be stoned to death?
CHOUDARY: Well, under the Islamic State -- under the Islamic State, people will not be doing this relationship in the public arena. If they do, then there would be punishment, of course.
HANNITY: How about in Saudi Arabia, women can't drive and women can't be seen in public without men that they're related to under sharia. Do you agree with that?
CHOUDARY: Well, you know, I believe that women -- you know, they have a permit to drive, if they want to, but at the end of the day, the...
HANNITY: No, they don't.
CHOUDARY: ... the califa (ph), the head of the Islamic State...
HANNITY: They can't drive.
CHOUDARY: ... will make a choice...
CHOUDARY: You keep interrupting.
HANNITY: No freedom.
CHOUDARY: Look, in Saudi Arabia, they're not implementing the sharia, by the way, OK? Let's get out of Cloud Cuckooland. (INAUDIBLE) in Iraq and Syria, OK? So let's talk about that. Iran isn't (ph) implementing the sharia. Your friend, Bashar al Assad, who you want to support now, who killed over 200,000 people, is not implementing the sharia!
HANNITY: All right, let me ask you this.
HANNITY: Last question. The Quran, which you love so much...
HANNITY: The Quran says that you should take neither Christians nor Jews for your friends. It talks about infidels and it talks about jihad and holy war. What does that mean to you? I'm a Christian. Are you, as a Muslim, not allowed to be friends with me because the Quran says you can't be friends with me?
CHOUDARY: Let me tell you something. Let me tell you something...
HANNITY: And what do you think about Jewish people?
CHOUDARY: Jews, Christians and Muslims...
CHOUDARY: Let's not have another interruption, should we? Or do you want to ask the question?
HANNITY: I asked you.
CHOUDARY: This is not (INAUDIBLE) You're not interested in the answer.
HANNITY: I don't care what you did.
CHOUDARY: You listen to your own voice.
HANNITY: You don't impress me.
CHOUDARY: Maybe you would learn something if you listen!
HANNITY: I'm listening! But you don't...
HANNITY: ... make it simple so it can get through your thick head!
CHOUDARY: Shut up for a minute!
CHOUDARY: Shut up for a minute and...
HANNITY: Answer! Answer the question!
CHOUDARY: I'm going to answer you. I'm going to answer you.
HANNITY: Finally!
CHOUDARY: Let me tell you something. In the heart of Europe -- in the heart of Europe for over 800 years, Muslims, Jews, Christians lived side by side. Their life (ph), they were protected. I believe in a society where we can live together. Unlike the Jews who are bombing Muslims in Palestine, unlike the Hindus who are bombing Muslims in Kashmir, unlike your friends, the Nusadis (ph), who are bombing people in Syria, we've been in a society where we can live together.
HANNITY: You do?
CHOUDARY: Our life, our honor, our wealth...
HANNITY: And what about Hamas -- what about Hamas...
CHOUDARY: For 800 years...
HANNITY: ... 4,000 rockets into Israel. Do you condemn that? What about Hamas's charter that calls for the obliteration of Israel?
CHOUDARY: ... by the Jews. (INAUDIBLE) I believe your own channel said that 2,000 people were being slaughtered in self-defense. Is that what you believe?
HANNITY: No, I -- what I believe...
HANNITY: If you bomb me with one rocket, I'm going to bomb you with 1,000!
CHOUDARY: Is that self-defense?
HANNITY: Absolutely it's self-defense.
CHOUDARY: OK, so is that...
HANNITY: Israel is defending itself!
HANNITY: A hundred percent.
CHOUDARY: Of course, they're defending themselves. Of course. You know...
HANNITY: But you know what?
HANNITY: You have made a living off being very clever in your own way...
HANNITY: When you live in America...
HANNITY: ... but you support...
CHOUDARY: ... the rest of the world thinks you're crazy.
HANNITY: You support the caliphate.
CHOUDARY: And you're crazy.
HANNITY: You support Hamas, Hezbollah, ISIS, ISIL. You support al Qaeda. You once said about 9/11 -- you were very clear that you were on team bin Laden, not team Obama. So you supported what happened on 9/11 and you said it was a good thing. So I know where you're coming from. I just want America to...
CHOUDARY: Let me tell you something. Sean...
HANNITY: ... see you for who you are!
CHOUDARY: Sean, there are two...
HANNITY: You are the enemy of free people!
HANNITY: You are the enemy of free people.
CHOUDARY: I'm the enemy -- I'm the enemy...
HANNITY: You support evil and death and demise of innocent people!
CHOUDARY: ... of your own policies!
HANNITY: And you support murder and terror.
CHOUDARY: I'm the enemy of people...
HANNITY: Well, that makes you...
HANNITY: That makes you an enemy of freedom!
CHOUDARY: We can talk over each other...
HANNITY: And I don't want you sharia law, and neither does anybody in Great Britain that has a brain!
CHOUDARY: You will have no choice, in fact, Sean. It's coming to a place near you. It's coming to a place near you.
HANNITY: Coming -- so you're threatening to come and get me, is that what you're saying?
CHOUDARY: I'm saying that the sharia will be implemented in the whole world...
HANNITY: Sharia is -- so you...
HANNITY: That's what you want. You want...
HANNITY: Thank you. You've answered my question. You want a worldwide Islamic caliphate.
CHOUDARY: Of course we do.
HANNITY: You want a worldwide Islamic caliphate.
HANNITY: ... Islam to rule the world.
CHOUDARY: And this has been promised by the messenger Mohammed...
HANNITY: And infidels should be destroyed and done with. Infidels, good-bye.
CHOUDARY: You will be liberated from the shackles of (INAUDIBLE) Let me tell you something...
HANNITY: I don't need to be liberated by Islam. I'm a Christian!
HANNITY: I don't want your religion. I don't want sharia.
HANNITY: I believe in women's rights. I believe in freedom.
CHOUDARY: ... Constitution with gambling with usury!
HANNITY: Listen, I don't...
CHOUDARY: We don't do this.
HANNITY: Listen, your version of...
HANNITY: You version morality is cutting people's heads off you don't agree with! I'll take the...
HANNITY: ... freedom as they are. But I don't chop little kids's heads off.
HANNITY: I don't chop photojournalists' heads off and say that that's a good thing and that's a way to pay back people that you disagree with!
CHOUDARY: Have the Jews who occupy Palestine...
HANNITY: You support murder. You support terror. You supported bin Laden.
CHOUDARY: (INAUDIBLE) what's self-defense about it?
HANNITY: You support evil, and I don't!
CHOUDARY: In your world, killing children...
HANNITY: All right, you're wasting my time.
CHOUDARY: ... in Gaza...
HANNITY: Good-bye.
CHOUDARY: ... is self-defense, isn't it!
HANNITY: See you later.
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