Huntsman Says He Won't Run as Third Party Candidate

Republican presidential candidate Jon Huntsman, who’s placed his political fortunes on the first primary state of New Hampshire, joined Fox News Sunday to discuss the state of the race.

On his campaign’s chances to win New Hampshire, Huntsman said that they have to beat “market expectations.” He added that a good showing will propel them into South Carolina and then Florida.

“If you can be an underdog and have a message that begins to connect with people on the ground, you can make things happened… And that will translate down market to South Carolina and then ultimately to Florida.”

Huntsman, who recently served as President Obama’s ambassador to China, was asked about a recent NATO airstrike, which killed a number of Pakistani soldiers. The former ambassador responded by saying that the relationship between the two nations needs to be reevaluated. He then explained what he’d do as president, “I would tie whatever aid money we are giving to Pakistan, if they deserve any at all -- to access drone base, keeping the supply lines open, working rigorously with us on counter terrorism… And if that isn't going to work, I'm going to look for a new partner in the region.”

Some political watchers have suggested that should Governor Huntsman not win the Republican nomination, he could run as a third party candidate. When pressed on this point by anchor Chris Wallace, Huntsman unequivocally said that he would not run as an independent and that he would support the Republican nominee.