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Today's guests

  • Chris Stirewalt

    Fox News digital politics editor

  • Byron York

    Chief political correspondent, The Washington Examiner; Fox News contributor

  • Morgan Ortagus

    Maverick PAC national co-chair

  • A.B. Stoddard

    Associate editor, The Hill

  • Steve Hayes

    Senior Writer, The Weekly Standard; Fox News contributor

  • Lanny Davis

    Former Clinton White House counsel; Fox News contributor

  • Kellyanne Conway

    Republican pollster

  • Jerry Springer

    TV host

  • Bret Baier

    Host, "Special Report"

  • Sean Spicer

    RNC communications director

  • Kyle Kondik

    Managing editor, Sabato's Crystal Ball

  • Alan Colmes

    Talk radio host; Fox News contributor

  • Lisa Boothe

    President and founder, High Noon Strategies

  • David Goodfriend

    Democratic strategist

  • Mary Anne Marsh

    Former John Kerry adviser

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