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Peters: White House doesn't understand Putin's 'heart of stone'

"President Obama and those around him simply do not understand the world," Fox News strategic analyst Ralph Peters cautioned Tuesday while discussing the MH17 crash on "America's Newsroom."

"They don't understand the world's brutality, its cruelty, its savagery. They just don't get it."

Peters, a retired Army lieutenant colonel with expertise on the Soviet Union, says the White House can't comprehend that Russian President Vladimir Putin cares only for himself and the "collective destiny" of his country instead of individuals like the victims of Malaysia Airlines crash.

"Putin, like all successful dictators, has a burning, rigid, sharp focus on his own destiny, the destiny of his people. He does not share the general feelings of empathy of other human beings," he said.

Peters suggested that the shoot-down in Ukraine is merely a hiccup, embarrassment and tactical setback in the eyes of the Russian president, who -- based on past confrontations with the west and Obama -- believes he can weather the storm.

"Most human beings believe what they need to believe psychologically, and nowhere is that more so than in the knighted domain ruled by Vladimir Putin," Peters said.

“Putin's not done with us… if we don’t stand up to him soon, it’s just going to get uglier and uglier."

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