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Is This Thing a Dog or a Cat? The Internet Can't Seem to Tell


A photo posted by Atchoum (@atchoumfan) on

Nov 11, 2016 at 5:45am PST

Pop quiz, hot shot: This thing wanders into your yard and starts sniffing around for food. Do you: A). go inside and grab a doggy treat; or B). pour it a nice saucer of milk?

The correct answer is C): Grab your children, grab your spouse, and get back inside before he drags you back to the Truffula forest, or wherever the heck he's from.

In all seriousness, this furry critter goes by the name of Atchoum, and he's not dangerous in the least. If anything, he's just a bit misunderstood.

Her.- do you have a dog or a cat? me.- I don't know.

— n2o (@1evilidiot) November 4, 2016

It all started when pet-owner Nathalie Côté posted a picture of Atchoum and his ambiguous features on Twitter (above). Pretty soon, the internet latched on and started offering their own theories on Atchoum's true nature, which, so far, have pegged him as anything from an owl to a Furby.

But lest you start ripping your hair out, this mystery isn't hard to solve. Atchoum has his own website and Instagram page, and both seem pretty certain he's simply a Persian cat with hypertrichosis, a condition that causes wild, excessive hair growth.

Keep scrolling for more photos of Atchoum in all his glory, before he leaves to go steal Christmas from the people of Whoville.