Mexican city launches 'sexiest police force in world' made up of young women

In an unvarnished act of chutzpah, Acapulco’s police chief Manuel Flores has pioneered a police unit with the unique mantle of being “the sexiest in the world” – only 18 to 28-year-old women need apply.

With tourism making up 80 percent of the economy in this resort city in the troubled state of Guerrero and the crime rate at an all-time high, the need for more law enforcement on the streets is keen.

It remains to be seen whether the Tourist Assistance Brigade, as the unit is called, is going to make a huge impact on violent crime, but at least the young women have the power to stop traffic – literally as well as figuratively – for sun-drenched tourists crossing busy streets. They also have the power to detain bad guys, at least until arresting police arrive on the scene.

“We don’t discourage our officers from flirting, as it lets tourists leave Acapulco with a good impression."

- Acapulco police chief Manuel Flores

The 42 members of the Brigade, hired last October, trained with Mexico’s federal police force, and hit the streets of the Pacific Coast city in January 2016.

"We had to think of a way to inspire confidence in the tourists," Chief Flores told the MailOnline, "and our new faces on the street are not only responsible but very eye-catching."

If you’re thinking the pilot program is just a touch Chauvinistic, Flores denies it vehemently, and it he can prove it too. "It’s not sexist," he said. "We have fat chicks, too.”

Both the mayor of Acapulco, Evodio Vasquez, and the state governor, Hector Astudillo, have stated their support of the all-female unit.

Acapulco’s newest officers of the peace sport brown Bermuda shorts, blue polo shirts and floppy sun hats – uniforms that may not seem designed to inspire obedience.  

The women, however, are required to wear make-up, with a pre-approved lipstick, and are inspected by senior officials each morning at 7 a.m. promptly.

“Our plan is to give a sense of responsibility, but also of confidence,” Chief Flores said. “We don’t discourage our officers from flirting, as it lets tourists leave Acapulco with a good impression."

The chief added, "They women have been trained in self-defense, crowd control and lifesaving techniques.” 

Acapulco, a notoriously dangerous city, is currently struggling through a particularly violent era, with the state of Guerrero experiencing elevated levels of violent, drug-related crime and municipal corruption. 

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