'UFOs' caught on video buzzing around Mexico's Popocatépetl volcano. Again

Those pesky aliens are at it again.

Extra-terrestrial visitors to our small planet just can’t seem to leave the Mexican volcano Popcatépetl alone.

For years now, grainy video footage purporting to show flying saucers – or cigars or circles – have turned up buzzing the air space around the mountain.

The latest is a stop-motion image captured last Saturday by one of the cameras of Webcams de Mexico showing a series of blobs of light rising up in front of the volcano, and then, after the lights wink out, dropping back down.

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The volcano is located 40-some miles from Mexico City and is the second-highest peak in the country. It has been spewing ash and gas sporadically since midsummer.

According to the Daily Express, also spotted was a “long cigar-shaped anomaly.”

The Express goes on to list the volcano’s frequent ET visits: In 2014, a UFO allegedly went around Popo before disappearing inside; in 2013 a cigar-shaped object flew across the volcano; the year before that, Mexico’s Televisa aired video of what looked like a massive suppository zipping down into the crater.

It has been noted that UFO sightings frequently occur during volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. One skeptical explanation is that they may be caused by flying debris from the natural calamities, another that people may be using drones to get up-close footage of the ash plume.

Still other explanations are possible, of course.

The newspaper quoted UFO hunter Paul Seaburn saying, "Why do we see so many UFOs near volcanoes, earthquakes and nuclear power plants? Are we being watched? Controlled? Cared for? Warned?"

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