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The Friendliest (And Unfriendliest) Cities in America



Condé Nast Traveler recently held their annual Reader's Choice Survey, asking fans to vote for their favorite and least favorite cruises, hotels and travel destinations.

Among the categories, readers were also asked to rate a bunch of U.S. cities on their friendliness factor, and Condé Nast tallied up the top and bottom ten.

The five best and worst are listed below, but you can read about the ten most hospitable and the ten with the most jerk stores rudest at

The Five Friendliest:

#1. Charleston, South Carolina

#2. Galena, Illinois

#3. Savannah, Georgia

#4. Asheville, North Carolina

#5. Austin, Texas

The Five Least Friendly:

#1. Newark, New Jersey

#2. Oakland, California

#3. New Haven, Connecticut

#4. Detroit, Michigan

#5. Atlantic City, New Jersey

Did one of your favorite (or least favorite) cities make the list?