Chile's First Electric Car Hopes To Draw In Growing Market Of Urban Drivers



Looking like something out of a 1950s science fiction film, Chile plans to unveil later this year its first one-man electric car.

A joint venture between industrial mechanic Daniel Pavez and the company Voze, this tiny electric auto looks like rickshaw with three wheels and a glass perched on top. Meant to compete with the SmartCar and the Mini-Cooper, the Voze car is aimed at urban drivers who need more mobility and better chances of finding a parking space in Chile’s rapidly expanding urban areas.

Along with being easy on polluting emissions and noise, the car’s big feature is the interactive Android platform that controls all electrical functions, replacing the normal button with a sleek touch screen.

Buyers will be able to customize their rides starting in July, with each vehicle being delivered in October.

"If everything flows according to projections, international surveys should begin within the first quarter of 2014, achieving returns in about a year or so," Pavez said.

Pavez added that the biggest challenge the new ride faces is being able to meet the demand for the orders. The scale of production of this vehicle requires waiting for the second phase of seed capital, he added.

Pavez said that he has put all his chips on this project. “My wife and I decided to put the house for sale,” he said.

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