Body Art For Dogs, Temporary Tattoos

NEW YORK - Celebrity dog groomer Jorge Bendersky has built a career on his love of dogs. This spring, he's bringing back temporary tattoos, but with a canine twist.

"It's the spring, it's all about body art, and it's all about... I don't know... expressing your personality with your dog," said Bendersky, of

That's something that Upper East Sider Joanne Rosten is doing. Her Rottweiler, Pearl, got the dragon tattoo that Rosten never had the courage to.

"I have always teetered on the idea of getting a tattoo and I never had enough nerve to do it," Rosten said.

So the first step of the process is Jorge will talk about the stencil with the owner, they they'll consult on color, then it's time for the dog to get their glitter on.

Tattoos start at $100. The process takes about 30 minutes. First Jorge spreads the non-toxic glue over the stencil and then he adds the glitter. Jorge says the look will boost a dog's confidence.  

"In spring and summer a lot of people choose to cut the hair short on dogs, but that is not an excuse not to be fabulous," he says.

The dogs may look fabulous, but some people say it's unfair that they don't have a say in the matter. But Jorge says the dogs' wagging tails are a stamp of approval.

"Dogs love to be tattooed," he says. "When you see that dogs get so happy when people approach them, they're approving them."

Bendersky says tattoo should last until the dog is washed.

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