Struggling Latino Texas Soldier and Family are Surprised with Car Donation

TEXAS -- A Central Texas soldier who has been struggling since his return home  from Iraq was surprised when a non-profit group and a local body shop donated a car to him and his family.  

It's the love for his kids that has helped a single father of four deal with some tough times.

"I just want to see my kids do well, they deserve so much more than what I can give them," said David Castillo.

FOX  met him back in August when he told us about his struggle after coming home from Iraq. During a custody battle he almost lost his kids, then his home was foreclosed and he lost his car. All of this while dealing with PTSD.

"If I would've turned around and gave up, a lot of times I felt like doing that but for the love of my children I can't," said Castillo.

He was humble enough to ask organizations like Celebration of Love for help.

"His kids mean everything to him, we're so grateful we're able to do what we do but he is true great father," said Tom Ramsey, with Celebration of Love.

He says it's why they helped Castillo find a home. Without a car, he relies on others to get to work or he just walks there. He also rides his bike to his second job.

On Tuesday morning, Child Inc. and Joseph Lewright with Ellis & Salazar body shop surprised Castillo with a car.

Castillo thought he was at Child Inc. to fill out paperwork for a chance to be the recipient of a donated car, but when Child Inc. Executive Director Albert Black announced that Castillo was receiving one in stock , he was shocked.

"On behalf of Child Inc. we would just like to thank you for all the hard work you've done and each of you today will receive a car," said Black.

Castillo says he's grateful for the donation.

"I'm so thankful. No more asking for a ride to go to the grocery store," said Castillo.

For Lewright the chance to help a father and a soldier was something he couldn't pass up.

"We get to do what we get to do because of what' they've done for us, I think it's the least we can do to try to help him," said Lewright.

Castillo's signature on the car title is a new start for his family, all made possible by people willing to give their time.

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