Jewelry Designer to the Stars Talks Fashion

Jennifer Zeuner's first encounter with the fashion industry was spending days at her father’s clothing factory in San Juan and poring over issues of Women’s Wear Daily and Vogue.

Now the Puerto Rican designer’s pieces are worn regularly by celebrities including Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé, Jessica Alba, Taylor Swift and Selma Blair. 

Her simple, yet unique and spiritual embellishments have made her designs some of the most sought after in fashion circles. 

Her staples include the hamsa [a good luck hand], the mal de ojo [an evil eye], crosses, butterflies, and of course, her exceptional line of initials that can be seen on many celebrities. Zeuner says her jewelry reflects her own personal style- simple with a spiritual twist. 

We decided to catch up with Zeuner about her future.

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Q: With so many trends and styles coming for the fall season, what do you think are the hottest ones?

A: The trend is to look effortless. All the bloggers and stylists are embracing a not overly done look which ultimately is realistic for most women. The goal is to look “put together,” beautiful and not perfect. Also, leather is HUGE. Leather pants and dresses are showing up everywhere!

Q: What’s your inspiration for Fall/Winter 2012?

A: My inspiration is the ‘artsy, modern girl’ that doesn’t need to wear a statement necklace every day.  My new collection fuses modern and wearable seamlessly and it incorporates a lot of angular shapes in surprising ways.  The pieces can speak for themselves or be layered. The jewelry allows women to be creative with it.  It’s not about a single statement piece; it’s about the conscious, personalized combination of different pieces.  Ultimately, it tells a story.

Q: What’s your philosophy in life/work?

A: Being that I'm not a doctor, my philosophy is "it's only jewelry.” Our lives don't depend on it. Sometimes, it's hard when a deadline is not met or a necklace comes in wrong. It's important to always keep in perspective. Challenges come up every day and I try to handle them professionally and calmly. 

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